We are wrapping up our Zapier integration but more importantly our automation engine. Our automation engine is a fancy way of saying we will have webhooks available for any event that happens on North Commerce.

So if you want to send data to any webhook endpoint for new orders, new products, shipping label creation, literally anything that happens in North Commerce. You can! We will have a UI that will make it easy for you to select the event triggers you want and to set your endpoint. Then voila you can get the data and do whatever you want with it.

Once the team completes the UI for this I will be doing some trainings on all of this. But for now you can watch the preview above with Zapier. We created a quick Zapier integration to test out how our webhook system could work for integrations. So now it will be MUCH easier for us to add new integrations as they are requested.

Feel free to text me or message me on discord
(480) 573-7714

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