We are working toward finishing up email notifications. SMS notifications will come later. We will be integrating with Twilio and you will provide your own Twilio SIDs for that integration if that is something you hope to offer to your customers. But for emails you can create your very own templates. We will have default notification templates that you can use immediately out of the box or you can create your own. 

A few things to keep in mind when creating email templates for all of your notifications:

1. All styles need to be inline. This is just the nature of emails and compatiability

2. You can add any custom field you’d like to these emails. Please keep in mind that when you are wanting to add an overview of a customers orders with all the line items the you will just need to create one section with one product and that section will be duplicated for each line item

3. Adding and editing custom fields will be as easy as typing a / and then selecting what you are looking for from the drop down menu. 

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