North Commerce vs. Woocommerce

WooCommerce allows creators to build stores and sales pages for both digital and physical products for free, but the price to launch ends up being much higher. North Commerce enables you to create exactly what you need directly out of the box.

Here’s why sellers are switching to North Commerce From WooCommerce

What To Consider

The Problem with “Freemium”

We get it. Being able to build an eCommerce store for free sounds really convenient, especially when you are just getting started. But there’s one huge downside: the endless add-ons you are going to have to subscribe to every year to unlock all the functionality you will need to manage your growing business.

WooCommerce has a massive ecosystem because of their freemium model, there are currently millions of active stores using Woo, but, this is also their downfall. As a store owner you are left with having to hunt for extra plugins from either the WooCommerce marketplace or trying to find a reliable 3rd party plugin development company that can give you access to features you need for your store. You have to pay for each additional feature or integration that your store will inevitably need like:

  • Coupon Campaigns
  • Product Search
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Marketing Automation
  • Subscriptions
  • Deposits
  • Shipping Rates & Zones

Just those WooCommerce add-ons alone already cost you over $800 per year. Most of the features listed above are fundamental features for all eCommerce stores. Not to mention some other niche features you may need.

All in one + extendable

All the fundamental features you would expect to be included in an eCommerce solution are included in North Commerce. Our belief is to give you, the business owner, agency, freelancer, or hobbyist all the tools you need to create incredible eCommerce stores or sales pages with WordPress.

All those “extras” that are going to cost you $800+ a year are already included inside of North Commerce and every month we are adding new features and add-ons that are all included in your North Commerce license, which starts at $199 / year by the way!

But like WooCommerce we want to give other developers the freedom to extend North Commerce to serve even more use cases! So we have created a way for developers to build upon North Commerce in a way that is uniform so there aren’t SO MANY plugin conflicts!

Reliability At Scale

Have you ever gone to a store and just by the look and load speed you knew it was a WooCommerce store? So often out of the box WooCommerce stores are clunky and slow, not to mention when your store goes viral on social media hosts get overloaded with all the requests Woo makes and sites crash too often!

Now we don’t want to sound like we are blaming WooCommerce because the responsibility does fall on some of the page builders that have built tools for WooCommerce, but the problem is, there are barely any standards for building with WooCommerce

With North Commerce we have created a one size fits all integration solution that sets a standard for all developers to use so you can enjoy the speed, flexibility, and scalability no matter if you are using a plugin made by North Commerce or a 3rd party developer.

Modern Checkout

North Commerce features a lightweight, fast checkout experience that will most definitely increase your conversions. We were one of the first eCommerce solutions on the internet to release a single page ecommerce checkout form. The 3 simple steps that make it easy for you to collect customers’ order information if they have purchased or not. Giving you all the power to connect with customers at any stage of their buying process.

In order to achieve the same speed as our checkout with WooCommerce requires development and is not typical with the standard page builder implementation.

Why North Commerce is cheaper & a stronger option

World-Class Store Owners Love
Using North Commerce

Ethan Sigmon

“North Commerce has made my life and my sales team’s lives so much easier! It takes us like 5 minutes to add a checkout form to our sales pages so we can sell our FB ad service offers.”

Paola Rodriguez

“This will be a game changer! North Commerce has a lot of potential! I’m excited to use it on my next project.”

Sam Bischof

“I love this plugin! I’ve used it to sell my videographer service and its been great. Now I am building an ecommerce store for my golf brand! So much easier than anything else I’ve used!”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see a North Commerce store and create a sandbox site by visiting each of the links below.

Demo Site
Create Sandbox Site

Yes, North Commerce is compatible with every page builder and theme via shortcodes. We plan on making native blocks for the top requested page builders.

We don’t have any tools to make this an “one-click migration” but message our live chat support and we would love to help you however we can. Let’s get you and your business using North Commerce!

North Commerce is the only other native ecommerce plugin built for WordPress, besides Woocommerce. We believe we can become the standard for high volume stores built on WordPress.

Absolutely! All of our security and core features are generally complete. So you can build stores today! If you have a feature request you can always submit it to our changelog

We have a no questions asked 30 day refund policy. The 30 days begins from the day and time our system records your purchase. (Arizona Time -7 GMT)