We are moving along at a very steady speed to launch v1 of North Commerce. I realize that I haven’t kept everyone that checks the Changelog up to date. Currently I do most of the updating in our Discord server. I also host weekly AMAs. Each week I share our progress and I love to have discussions with all of you about the progress, features or bugs that are discovered as we release things.

You can join the discord here: CLICK TO JOIN

We are finalizing how we want to manage our API now that db schema’s are looking good!

We are finishing the checkout page and that looks beautiful.

Single Page Checkout builder is getting to a good point. We will probably release that soon.

And we are reworking the builder for the other ecommerce components and we will have WAY more control than previously planned. Now that we are getting closer to launching and testing more we are seeing some bottle necks with our previous plan. Happy with where we are at and grateful for all of your support and patience.

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